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World Civilization

World CivilizationThe few millennia in which we have been civilized are but a tiny fraction of the long span of human existence. Homo Sapiens-Modern humans- are believed to have appeared about 100,000 years ago. It took us tens of thousands of years to domesticate animals and to master the rudiments of agriculture. It took us another 7,000-9,000 years to develop cities, systems of writing, then bronze and iron. Several hundread years later the great religious and philosophical revolutions of the ancient world occurred.Egyptian CivilizationIt is one of the world's longest continuous civilization. In 300 BC Upper and Lower Egypt were  united, beginning a period of cultural glory and native rulers that lasted nearly 3,000 years. Historians have divided the history of Egypt into the old, Middle and New Kingdoms, spanning 31 dynasties and lasting to 322 BC. The highlight of the old kingdom was building of the pyramids of Giza. The Middle Kingdom saw Egypt develop into a great power. Ma…

What is Balanced Diet ?

What is Balanced Diet ?In order to obtain  adequate amounts of each of the different nutritions the daily diet should include appropriate quantities of a variety of different foodstuffs a diet in these various food stuff are mixed in suitable preposition to carry out adequatelyA list of food item as a General guide it would be practical and easy to follow it also provides information as to which of the different food steps can be substituted for one that may be temporary and available eating habits have changed with the time the changes are faster now the human diet is of is not restricted to any special category of food whereas most animals stick to a routine menu man can and does not eat a variety of foods of both plant and animal origin where it is for him the spice of life more so in force that in anything else this natural desire for variety is justified by the fact that no single food provides us with the nutrition that we need serious like rice or wheat which form the stable fo…

What is Atmosphere ?Define it's layer

What is Atmosphere ?Define it's LayerThe Atmosphere is an insulating blanket protecting the Earth. It softens the intense light and heat of the Sun . It's Ozonic layer absorbs most of the very deleterious ultraviolet rays from sun and thus protects living organisms from extinction.The Atmosphere is bound to the Earth by gravity. Satellite like the moon , which have very low gravitational power, cannot and do not hold an atmosphere. air pressure simply means the weight of the entire air volume column over a given point near of has very little bit a letter of their weight around 1.6 gram at the sea level the air pressure is  3.6 gram per square centimetre this pressure is usually described as one atmosphere . The atmosphere is composed of various gases and water vapour, and in its uppermost reaches, it is charged with subatomic particles. Up to about 50km from the Earth, the Atmosphere consists of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and miner percentage of argon, carbon dioxide, neon…

What is Computer virus ?

What is computer virus ? What is  computer virus ?A computer virus is a program that spreads across computers by attaching a copy of itself to the files on your computer. When you run the infected file the virus get into action.A virus is usually  harmful and can corrupt data, overwrite files, or use up system resources, and slow it down in the process. Some may be merely disturbing like asking you to key in certain messages to continue or popping up messages on the screen. Where do viruses come from ?Viruses are usually written by programmers to cause trouble. Types of Viruses:Viruses which attack certain area or location. Viruses which attack in a particular mannerThe major types identified depending on the area they infect are:  Boot sector viruses:There viruses infect the boot sector of disks. A boot sector stores the programs that have to be executed when you start your PC. By infecting this area of a disk, the virus loads itself whenever you Boot with that disk. If then remains i…

Classifications of Computers

Classifications of Computers
The first four generations of computers were based on the technology of the age to which they belonged. They were thus based on the vaccum tube technology;the transistor and printer circuit technology; the integrated circuit technology and the Very large Scale Integrated (VLSI) technology, respectively. The Marvel of the fourth generation VLSI technology is that a microchip weighing a few grams - a thin silicon chip using 0.13 micron technology (SDRAM)has a memory capacity of one Gigabyte (10⁹ or 100 crores or bits of 0s and 1s equivalent of 8,000 newspaper pages). (Note:bit is an abbreviation for the binary digit). Presently the development has entered areas of "Artificial Intelligence." These are generally called Fifth generation computers. 
Today computers can be classified as 
Main frame computers. Mini-computers. Micro-computers. 

Main frame computersMain frame computers are expensive, large, centralised computer facilities where a super compute…

What is Computers ?

What is  Computers?The 21st century is witnessing a technological integration in the world of computers, communication and electronic gadgets in which information processing and transfer are done at incredible speeds with the potential of controlling them from remote desktops. Today microprocessors can be found in children's toys, word processors, pocket calculators, industrial robots, home appliances, etc. - to mention a few of their innumerable users and there is practically no new machine, instrument, control equipment or information system that doesn't have a microprocessor in it. Computers of yesteryears were analogue and present day are digital machines. Those converting numbers into physical quantities, which can vary continuosly within a range were called  analog computer, while those using numbers, (which are discrete values)are called digital computers. There used to be a third class of computers called hybrid computers which had digital storage and switching but in …

Ancient Cosmology

Ancient CosmologyAncient civilizations: They had different ideas about what the universe was like. But obviously, people started stargazing long before the early civilizations grew up. When they learned how to write and read they started recording what interested them. The Greek Astronomers:Astronomers grew in leaps and bounds when many Astronomers, philosopher, starwatchers started actively participating and making detailed records . Perhaps the greatest Greek Astronomers was Hipparchus of 150 BC, who compiled a catalogue of the positions of more than 800 stars besides establishing a magnitude scale to measure star brightness, still in use. The Arab Astronomers:In c. 820 Almagest got translated to Arabic; c. 1428 Ulugh Beigh founds observatory in Samarkand. During those times the famous Arab ruler of Iraq, Caliph Harun Al-Rashid, patronised arts and science. The Indian Astronomers:Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Varahamira, etc.

Size of the Universe

 Size of the Universe No one knows whether the universe is finite or infinite in size.  Albert Einstein described unbound the universe as 'finite but unbound' meaning that the frontiers cannot be observed even though they are definitely there. The observable universe maybe about 10% larger than astronomers have suppose according to early result from European space agency(ESA)  Hipparcos mission. Hipparcos fixed positions in the sky of one lakh stars are logged a million more with little less accuracy since 1912 the measuring ruler using for going distance in the Cosmos has been wrongly marked. This ruler depended on the brightness of winking (rhythmically every few days ) stars called Cepheids, but the distances of the sample near to Earth, which calibrate the ruler, could only be estimated. Nearby Cepheids are typically 1000-2000 light years away, Direct measurement carried out by Hipparcos show that the Cepheids seen in other galaxies are used as a guide to their distances. …


StarsThere are millions of starts in the sky. We see only a few thousands of them with the naked eye. In the whole heavens, fewer than 6000 starts are bright enough to be visible; and at any one time , less than 2500 stars are visible above the horizon. Stars account for 98%of the matter in a galaxy. The rest of 2%is our home galaxy.   Galaxy forms part of group of about 24 galaxies travelling through space together. On a grander scale, this group forms part of bigger cluster of 1000s of galaxies   2% consists  of interstellar or Galactic gas and dust in a very attenusted form. The normal density of interstellar gas throughout the galaxy is about one-tenth of a hydrogen atom per cubic centimetre (cm³) volume . Starts tend to form groups. Lons starts going on their own are the expectation rather than the rule in the Universe. Single starts do not number more than 25% of the stellar population . Double starts account for some 33%. The rest are multiple stars . Antares in Scorpio is actu…

The Milky Way

The Milky WayThe Milky way is our home galaxy.   Galaxy forms part of group of about 24 galaxies travelling through space together. On a grander scale, this group forms part of bigger cluster of 1000s of galaxies . And on the biggest scale (atleast, as far as we know now), many such clusters make up the universe. A peculiar feature of this galaxy is a bright band of light that runs almost in a perfect Circle through it. As seen from the Earth this band looks like a river of light flowing through the sky. Actually it is made up of millions of scintillating starts which seen from far away, seems to be placed in close proximity to one another. This river of light is known as the Akash Ganga or Milky Way-the term is now applied to the galaxy as a whole. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. The main body is a disc 100,000 light years across with a globular nucleus of about 16,000 light years in diameter (thick at its centre) and far -stretching spiral arms (in one of which our solar system is…


GalaxyGalaxies are huge congregation all stars held Together by force of gravity. They are so big that they are also called Island Universe. Studies of distant spaces with optical and radio telescope indicate that there may be about 1.3 trillion galaxies in the visible Universe. Galaxies seems to be scattered in space. Galaxies tend to be grouped together into clusters, and some clusters appear to be grouped into superclusters all the galaxies will look at all display red shift in their Spectra indicating they are moving from from us. Current data suggest that the Galaxies are moving apart at rate of 50-100 KPS for every million parsecs of distance. When the expanding when the expanding material of the universe broke up in the first instance billions of Island of gaseous matters were formed in space these gases Island or Proton Galaxy is rotated each with its own speed of rotation those with very low rotational speed as you and nearly spherical shapes. Others assumed elliptical form…


AstronomyThe word astronomy is from the Greek astron meaning stars. Astronomy is the scientific study of the heavens and all that in therein. In it is not to be confused with astrology which lacks any kind of scientific basis and encompasses the belief that heavenly bodies affect human lives. Modern astronomy begin with Italian astronomer Galileo . In 1609 Galileo heard of the telescope made by the Dutchman Hans Lippershey. He improved upon it and constructed an instrument that could magnify up to thirty diameter . It was this instrument are refractor telescope that heralded the era of optical astronomy. Galileo made several startling discoveries. He found that the Moon's surface is ragged and that pleiades is a group of over 40 starts . He discovered four of jupiter's Moon and observe the sunspot . In 1668 Newton invented a new instrument the reflector telescope . In refractor telescope light is gathered by a large objective lens .In a reflector telescope enlarged curved mirr…

Success of Google

Success of GoogleGoogleIt is not possible that you don't know about Google . Google is a American company and a most popular search engine . Google is a ocean of knowledge and information here you will get the answer of every question related to information, knowledge, travel, food, news, sports, entertainment and much more. 
Information About Google Founded : on 4 September 1998Headquarter :  Mountview, California United States.Founder : Larry Page and Sergey BrinCEO : Sundar Pichai
FoundersSergey brinSergey brin was born on 21 August 1973 . He is a computer scientist. He was the President of Google's parent company. Sergey Brin is now a 7th richest person in the world.
Larry pageLarry Page was born on 26 March 1973 . He is also a computer scientist and internet entrepreneur .
Some popular Google Tools
Google AdsenseGoogle AdWordsGoogle TrendsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Alerts GmailYoutubeGoogle NewsGoogle DriveGoogle Play StoreEtc. Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense is a very popular tool o…

How to make a free blog for earning money in 2020?

How to make a free blog for earning money in 2020 ?Have you decided to make a blog for earning money? Right choice and you are on the right place for it . Firstly you should know about blog  and blogging so, blog are the best way to express your talent of content writing it can be in any field or niche. Now from where you should start ? Blogger and  Wordpress are the best platforms for it but these are free as well as paid. For making a blog you have to purchase domain(name of your blog) and web hosting which you can easily get from GoDaddy but if you want to make blog for free then blogger is here. Blogger will provide you free domain and hosting . So, what you are waiting for? Give your talent a platform and let the world know about your talent.Follow these steps to start a free blog :
• Choice your topic on which you will make your blog . [Pro tip: choice your blog topic or niche according to your interest ]• Go to  and sign up There and click on create  your blog . [Pro tip: choice…

Top 2 brain games

Top 2  Brain Games In today's world everybody is worried about there fat, hair, teeth, body, etc but what about your brain ? who controls your whole body . Everybody is full of tension they should take care about your CPU which is brain.Advantages of Brain GamesBrain games has many advantages some of the advantages are Increase concentrationBrain games  are very helpful in increasing and developing concentration which is very important in student life there are many distractions So, they can easily increase there concentration.
Increase Memory powerIn our day to day life sharp memory help in learning and memorizing something it is very important for everyone.Increase FocusEverybody is not clear in today's world there aim is not fix for this there focus should increase and develop because it will help in the every part of the life.GamesSchultetableSchulte table is a very interesting game for increasing the speed of your brain which is as important as other advantages. It is a gr…

Pythagoras theorem

Pythagoras theoremPythagoras was introduced by the great mathematician Pythagoras. He has given the equation through which we can find the hypotenuse,base, perpendicular of the right angle triangle. Trigonometric ratios which is a topic of class 10 is fully based on this principle . Equation of Pythagoras theorem
Explanation of equationIn a figure the opposite side of right angle is hypotenuse and on which the perpendicular lines has made is know as base of a right angle triangle . Example question Find the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle whose base is 4cm  and perpendicular is 3cm.Solution Base = 4cm Perpendicular = 3cmHypotenuse = ?By Pythagoras theorem(H)²=(B)²+(P)²H²=4²+3²H²=16+9H²=25H=√25H=5cmTherefore, hypotenuse of a given right angle triangle is 5cm. 

Factor theorem

Factor theorem
 IntroductionThis  is a topic of chapter polynomial and in the name factor is coming which means that we are going to deal with factor of polynomials. 

Concept of Factor theorem  You have studied about checking formula of division  which is  divided=divisor×quotient+remainder it shows us that our division is correct or not.  We have studied in previous classes . Same thing we will do but with the polynomial during divide if the divisor is a factor of dividend then the  remainder will zero the same concept wil apply in the factor theorem . 

Application of factor theorem  Let p(x) is a polynomial with a degree n which is greater than 1 and let a be a real number .  If p(x) is dividend by x-a then p(a)=0 , the remainder is 0 that shows that x-a is factor of polynomial p(x).  Note:if the remainder come 0 then it's show that the given expression is a factor of given polynomial.
Example :  Using factor theorem show that ( x-2) is a factor of (x³-8) Solution: Let p(x)=(x³-8) X-2=0 X=2  …

True Education

Education the only thing which can let you to a path of success . Do you know ? Education is the only word in which all the 5 vowels are present . Education is a key of success but the the people are not taking Education they are showing a formality.  There aim is not success there goal is money only money. They think that the person having  money is successful but think about  labour, tea seller, Hawker etc  they are also earning money Is they are successful in future ?No, because they are earning money by hardwork because they are not educated but you are educated you can earn money by smart work. So, your goal should be your country. Yes I know in today's world money is important but it should not be our first priority . We take Education not only for money the aim of education is to provide us knowledge how much knowledge we get? in our life it should be the question from ourself . Our life should be the memorable thing how we achieve in our life after the end of your life the…

Factorisation using Regrouping

Regrouping Method of factorisation. Regrouping is very similar to Common Method the  only difference in Regrouping Method is, in it we deal with two or more groups of algebraic expressions but we take out the common of the individual group but the only condition is its factor should be same .
Example 1:  Factorise  the expression: 8x+y+x+8y

Step 1: write each term in the the form of the product of their irreducible factors
8x=2×2×2×x Y=1 X=1 8y=2×2×2×y
Two terms have same common which is 1 and another two terms have same common which is 2×2×2=8 . So, we can arrange it such that 8x+8y+x+y through which we can easily take out common (8x+8y)+(x+y) Step 2: Take out common from the group.  8x+8y+x+y= 8(x+y)+1(x+y) You can observe ae per our condition both the brackets should having same term  which is ( x+y) .  Step 3: Take another common from the expression In 8(x+y)+1(x+y) (X+y) is common then we take out as we done in previous step  then,( x+y)(8+1) now it is in  the form of product of thier factor he…

Factorisation of algebraic Expressions using Common Method

What is Factorisation ?When we factorise an algebraic expression, we write it as a product of factors . Algebraic Expressions like 2x+10, 4x+16, x²+5x etc there factor may be numbers, algebraic variable or algebraic expressions. 

Methods of Factorisation 
1.Method of Common Factor 
2. Method of Regrouping
3. Factorisation using identities
4. Splitting term 

1. Method of Common factor When we factorise any algebraic expression using Common method we take out the common which is Common in all the terms of  that algebraic Expression which we are trying to solve or factorise the factor may be number, variable, algebraic expression .  Lets understand more by Example 
Example 1: Factorisetheexpression : 7x-42  Solution 
7x-42  Step 1: write the each term  as a product of irreducible factors

7x=7×x 42=7×3×2
7x-42=(7×x)-(7×3×2) Step 2: Observe what is common in the expression. We can observe that 7 is common in both the term of RHS 
Step 3 : Take out which is Common in the expression using distributive law . 


Physics chemistry maths se kaun si job milti h ?

Physics chemistry maths se kaun si job milti h ? Answer:There are many career options in PCM(Physics, Chemistry,Maths ) options are  EngineeringScientistsProfessorCivil ServicesNavyBSFEtc.

Importance of family and friends

Family and friends are the main foundation and structure of society. We need family and friends as a brick of our life. Family and friends support us in both times of and happiness and distress. Family and friends give us a moral support through which we can do any thing. You are a member of your family you should take care of your family and friends. The family time is the dinner time if you  loses this time you are the most unluckiest person in the world. Spend time with your friends and family talk about your experiences , about your ambition , discuss your needs with your family. Grandparents are the spinal cord  of family. Having a protective relationship is a strong factor to overcome any time of stress , mental illness etc. Suppose a day without a family and friends can you imagine the difficulties without a family and friends ? We are fully depend on our family and friends .
But in today's world new generation are changing and forgetting the importance of friends and family…

Mathematics in other point of view

Mathematics is one of most important word in the life of every student .Every student has a fear about Mathematics the only reason behind it that they take maths as subject not as a interest. Questions will arise in your mind that , From where maths started and who started it ? Beginning in the 6th century BC with the Pythagoras, and Ancient Greeks began a systematic study of mathematics as a subject in its own right with Greek Mathematician. You know the important topics of a subject maths in it we study geometry (study of a shape and measurement) , quantity (study of numbers ) , etc. Only because of maths the building and monuments are standing behind there architect there is a hand of a great branch of mathematics which is geometry there are thousands of examples like Pyramid , great Wall of China etc are some of those thousand .

Some of the Great mathematician of India are  1. Srinivasan Ramanujan 2. Aryabhatta 3. Brahmagupta 4. Shakuntala Devi and many more  They denoted their whole lif…